School Times and Term Dates



School Start and Finish Times during the Covid Pandemic


8:30am start EYFS Blue cones on KS2 playground

Year 1 HV – KS 2 playground Yellow cones

Year 1 / 2 KG – KS1 playground Orange cones

Year 2 NB – KS1 playground Red cones

2:30pm finish


Year 3 

EW – KS1 playground Orange cones

ER – KS1 playground Red cones

Year 5

MG – KS2 playground Yellow cones

KM – KS2 playground Blue cones 

2:45 finish
9:00am Start Year 4 

MW – KS1 playground Orange cones

HJ – KS1 playground Red Cones

Year 6

POD A SW/AS – KS2 playground Yellow cones

POD B MH/EB – KS2 playground 

Blue cones

3:00pm finish


The School Day

Start of school day 8:45am
Nursery AM session 8.45am – 11.45am
Early Bird Maths 8:45am
Mathematics 9:05am
Assembly 9:40am
Same day intervention 10:00am
Break – KS1 10.30am
Break KS2 10:45am
Literacy/Guided Reading//Phonics – KS1 10:45am
Literacy/Guided Reading/Grammar – KS2 11:00am
EYFS/KS1 Lunch 11.45am – 12.30pm
Nursery Afternoon session 12.00pm – 15.00pm
Reception/KS1 Afternoon school 12.30pm – 14:50pm
KS2 Lunch 12.30 – 13.15pm
KS2 Afternoon school 13.15pm – 14.50pm
End of school day 14:50pm
Nursery end of school day 15:00pm – however doors will be open from 14:50pm to collect siblings.


Term Dates 2020 – 2021

Holidays / Staff Training First Day Return to School
October Holidays 26th October 2020 2nd November 2020
Christmas Holidays 21st December 2020 4th January 2021
Staff Training Day (WAT) 12th February 2021 After February Holidays
February Holidays 15th February 2021 22nd February 2021
Bank Holiday (Good Friday) 2nd April 2021 After Easter Holidays
Easter Holidays 5th April 2021 19th April 2021
May Bank Holiday 3rd May 2021 4th May 2021
Staff Training and May Holidays 24th May 2021 7th June 2021
Summer Holidays 28th July 2021 6th August 2021