School Times and Term Dates

School Start and Finish Times during the Covid Pandemic


8:40am start EYFS Blue cones on KS2 playground

Year 1 HV – KS 2 playground Yellow cones

Year 1 / 2 KG – KS1 playground Orange cones

Year 2 NB – KS1 playground Red cones

2:40pm finish


Year 3 

EW – KS1 playground Orange cones

ER – KS1 playground Red cones

Year 5

MG – KS2 playground Yellow cones

KM – KS2 playground Blue cones 

2:45 finish
8:50am Start Year 4 

MW – KS1 playground Orange cones

HJ – KS1 playground Red Cones

Year 6

POD A SW/AS – KS2 playground Yellow cones

POD B MH/EB – KS2 playground 

Blue cones

2:50pm finish


The School Day

Start of school day 8:45am
Nursery AM session 8.45am – 11.45am
Early Bird Maths 8:45am
Mathematics 9:05am
Assembly 9:40am
Same day intervention 10:00am
Break – KS1 10.30am
Break KS2 10:45am
Literacy/Guided Reading//Phonics – KS1 10:45am
Literacy/Guided Reading/Grammar – KS2 11:00am
EYFS/KS1 Lunch 11.45am – 12.30pm
Nursery Afternoon session 12.00pm – 15.00pm
Reception/KS1 Afternoon school 12.30pm – 14:50pm
KS2 Lunch 12.30 – 13.15pm
KS2 Afternoon school 13.15pm – 14.50pm
End of school day 14:50pm
Nursery end of school day 15:00pm – however doors will be open from 14:50pm to collect siblings.


Term Dates 2020 – 2021


Leeds school calendar 2021-2022