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Name Start of Term Date End of Term Date Category Link Governors Role Own Interests Interests of Family Members
Scott Jacques 03/12/2019 03/12/2023 Trust appointed/Ex-Officio Leadership, Acceleration of Progress None None
Lesley Jennings 03/12/2019 Resigned 04/02/20 Trust Appointed Chartered Institute of Management Accountants – Regional Advisory Panel Member. Commenced July 2018. None
Philip Whitehead (Chair) 03/12/2019 03/12/2023 Trust Appointed IT Strategy and GDPR Compliance None None
Carolyn Booth 03/12/2019 03/12/2023 Trust Appointed None None
Carrie Green 03/12/2019 03/12/2023 Executive Principal/Ex-Officio Declaration Of Interests None
Lynn Dove 03/12/2019 03/12/2023 Staff None None
Mary Ruggles 03/12/2019 03/12/2023 Trust Appointed Writing and Curriculum None None
Mollie Gregory 03/12/2019 03/12/2023 Staff None None
Laura Davis 03/12/2019 03/12/2023 Parent Reading None None
Amy Benson 29/06/2021 29/06/2025 Trust Appointed None None
Simon Harvey 03/12/2019 Resigned 21/05/20 Parent SEND and Safeguarding None None

Attendance for Academic Year 2020/21

13/10/2020 01/12/2020 02/02/2021 23/03/2021 11/05/2021 29/06/2021
Carolyn Booth Y Y Y Y Y Y
Laura Davis Y Y Y Y Y Y
Lynn Dove Y Y Y Y Y Y
Carrie Green Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mollie Gregory Y Y Y Y Y Y
Scott Jacques Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mary Ruggles  Y Y Y Y Y Y
Phillip Whitehead Y Y Y Y Y Y

Attendance for Academic Year 2019/20

03/12/2019 05/02/2020 24/03/20 19/05/20 30/06/20
Scott Jacques Y Y





Lesley Jennings Apologies Apologies N/A N/A
Philip Whitehead Y Y Y Y
Carolyn Booth Y Y Y Y
Carrie Green Y Y Y Y
Lynn Dove Y Y Y Y
Mary Ruggles Y Apologies Y Y
Mollie Gregory Y Y Y Y
Laura Davis Y Y Y Y
Simon Harvey Y Apologies Apologies N/A


Bramley Park Governor Declarations 2020


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