Attendance at Bramley Park Academy

At the end of each term, 100% attendees will receive a gold certificate in the school celebration assembly, and they will also be eligible for a prize draw for a £20.00 gift voucher.

Pupils achieving 98% to 99.9% attendance will also receive a silver certificate in class, and will have eligibility to win a £10.00 gift voucher in the prize draw.

With 96% to 97.9% attendees, they will receive a bronze certificate in class, have the eligibility to win a £5.00 gift voucher in the prize draw.

We celebrate attendance every Wednesday morning in a special assembly, where the class with the best attendance in KS1 and KS2 win the Prize for that week. Every class which has an average attendance of 96% or more, can also play the Classopoly Board.



Classopoly is our monopoly style board game – you will spot it on the wall in our hall. Each class had their own monopoly piece which move around the board every week you have 96% or more attendance. Your class gets to roll the dice to move around the board.

There is one special difference about our board though – instead of house, the squares are all rewards; everything from an extra playtimes, art activities, to lemonade, crispy buns or a special lesson with Miss Green!



Bramley Park Academy’s Mission Statement for Attendance 

  •  Promote children’s welfare and safeguarding,
  •  Ensure that every pupil has access to full-time education to which they are entitled to,
  •  Ensure that pupils succeed whilst at school, and
  •  Ensure that pupils have access to the widest possible range of opportunities.



3 P’s for Attendance at Bramley Park Academy


You can prevent your child by missing school by making sure they understand the importance of good attendance and punctuality.

Take an interest in their education – ask them about school work, and encourage them to get involved in any school activities.

Discuss any problems they may have at school, and inform their teacher or a member of the Pastoral Team about anything serious.

Do not let them take time off school for minor ailments.

  • PUNCTUALITYEnsure your child arrives to school on time – 8:45AM.
    Being continually late can have a detrimental effect on your child’s education.
Minutes late each day Number of days of education lost over a year
5 minutes 3.4 days
10 minutes 6.9 days
15 minutes 10.3 days
20 minutes 13.8 days
30 minutes 20.7 days

Promote an education to your child; let them know that they have to make the most of the educational opportunities available to them.

Irregular school attendance seriously disrupts continuity of learning, undermines progress and leads to underachievement and low attainment.

Give your child the education they are entitles to and deserve – we want them to succeed just as much as you!



What does support look like at Bramley Park Academy?

Here at Bramley Park Academy, we strive to work alongside the parent/carer to ensure your child’s regular attendance and punctuality.

If you have an issue with getting your child to school, you don’t have to struggle alone. Please ring the school office on 0113 256 4888 and we will attempt to arrange for the Pastoral Team to collect your child(ren) if this is convenient.

If you have an ongoing problem, please do not hesitate to arrange and appointment with the Pastoral Team to discuss this further. We want to help in any way that we can!



Absence Protocol at Bramley Park Academy

On the day of absence, please ring the school on 0113 256 4888 to report your child’s absence.

If you know how long your child will be absent for, please state so on the message. If not, you will need to ring every day to inform school, otherwise it may go down as an unauthorised absence.

For sickness and diarrhoea, your child cannot return to school until 48 hours after the last bout of illness. If you are unsure about anything, ring the school office for further advice.

Thank you for your continued support.