Governing Group

Governing Group

The role of the Governing Group at Bramley Park Academy is to help the establishment fulfil its main aim: which is to provide the best possible education for all of its students.
There are many things which governors are expected to do. The following provides a brief outline:

• The Governing Group have a responsibility with the Executive Principal for deciding, reviewing and monitoring many of the policies, plans and procedures within which the academy operates

• The Governing Group role is strategic. The Executive Principal’s role is both strategic and operational

• It is important to recognise that the Governing Group are part of a team. They all have equal status and though they are appointed by different groups (parents, staff, Wellspring Trust, etc.), their main concern is the welfare of the whole academy

• The Governing Group make decisions democratically, by consensus. The Governing Group do not have individual powers to act alone

• The Governing Group have a duty to act fairly and without prejudice at all times

• The Governing Group share the responsibility of appointing staff with the academy and must act in the same way as any good employee

• The Governing Group should consider carefully how their own decisions might affect other academies

• The Governing Group should encourage openness in all their work for the academy and should welcome enquiries from parents and the general public


Name Role Category End of Term Office Area of Responsibility Other establishments at which they govern Any relation within the academy Date of Appointment Declaration of Interest
Mark  Wilson CEO WAT 01/11/2021 No 01/11/18
Josh Greaves COO WAT 01/11/2021 No 01/11/18 Declaration of Interest
Mark Wood CFO WAT 01/11/2021 No 01/11/18 Declaration of Interest
Jonny Wathen CIO WAT 01/11/2021 No 01/11/18 Declaration of Interest
Carrie Green EP Executive Principal 01/11/2021 No 01/11/18
TBC 01/11/2021


Declaration Of Interests – Annual Declaration 2018-19

Declaration Of Interests – Annual Declaration 2017-18


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